Atlantic Observatory – 3rd Steering Committee Meeting
01.11.2022 - IPMA
National, Norwegian and Icelandic partners met in Madeira for the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the Atlantic Observatory - Data and Monitoring Infrastructure project
Demersal 2022 campaign under the National Biological Sampling Program (PNAB)
17.10.2022 - IPMA
The "DEMERSAL 2022" campaign integrated in the National Biological Sampling Program (PNAB) has started onboard the RV Mário Ruivo, and will take place from13th October to 14th November 2022.
Oceanographic campaign CRISTA MADEIRA-TORE 2022
04.10.2022 - IPMA
The oceanographic campaign CRISTA MADEIRA-TORE 2022 Leg 2, took place onboard the research vessel (RV) Mário Ruivo between September 22 and October 7,2022
NNIO’s researcher participates in the 14th Buoy Workshop, USA
01.10.2022 - IPMA
Carlos Sousa, NNIO’s researcher, presented the pilot oceanographic mooring array part of the EMSO-PT project
EARTHSYSTEMS 2022 summer course
19.09.2022 - IPMA
The 2022 edition of the EARTHSYSTEMS summer course was held at IPMA Tavira, dedicated to Land-Atmosphere-Ocean interactions in a changing planet - A hands-on approach to Earth System observation and modelling
Students from IST visit RV Mário Ruivo and ROV Luso
19.09.2022 - IPMA
RV Mário Ruivo receives the visit from students from Instituto Superior Técnico
Internship students at NNIO participate in national scientific meetings
04.08.2022 - IPMA
Pedro Martins and Rita Pinheiro presented the results of their work about the ARGO network in the northeast Atlantic at national Scientific Meetings
Students from FCT NOVA visit the research vessel Mário Ruivo
28.07.2022 - IPMA
RV Mário Ruivo receives the visit of postgraduate students in Marine Science, Technology, and Society.
Teacher Training Course – EDUCOAST
18.07.2022 - IPMA
The Research Vessels and Ocean Observatories Group participates in the first Teacher Training Course of the EDUCOAST Project.