Oceanographic campaign SAT UHRS 2022-C4G on board RV Diplodus
16.05.2022 - IPMA
The SAT UHRS 2022-C4G campaign’s on board RV Diplodus main aim was to perform the Sea Acceptance Tests (SAT) for the Ultra-High Resolution Seismics (UHRS) equipment acquired in December 2021.
Portuguese researchers test hyperbaric system for capture and conservation of deep-sea species
25.04.2022 - IPMA
A sea tests campaign will take place between the 23rd of April and 2nd of May onboard the research vessel (RV) Mário Ruivo off the southwest coast of Portugal
Students from Catarina de Bragança school visits the resarch vessel Mário Ruivo
07.04.2022 - IPMA
RV Mário Ruivo receives the visit of 5th grade students from Catarina de Bragança School.
EUROFLEETS+ Floating University
06.04.2022 - IPMA
The first 2022 call for the Eurofleets+ from the Floating University onboard RV Mário Ruivo is open for applications.
EMREP project
31.03.2022 - IPMA
EMREP project funded by EEAGrants Portugal tests electronic data management systems to maximize the potential benefits from the Blue Economy onboard RV Mário Ruivo.
Students from Secondary School Ferreira Dias visited the research vessel Mário Ruivo
24.03.2022 - IPMA
RV Mário Ruivo was visited by students of the Blue School Programme from the 10th grade of Secondary School Ferreira Dias (Agualva, Sintra).
EDUCOAST project – “Nature-Based Education in Coastal GeoSciences – A field station in southern Portugal”
18.03.2022 - IPMA
Participation of IPMA in marine and coastal geology training activities within the EDUCOAST project funded by the EEA Grants Blue Growth Programme.
Students from Valsassina school visit the research vessel Mário Ruivo under the EEA Grants project
02.03.2022 - IPMA
RV Mário Ruivo receives a visit from the Blue Valsassina School in the framework of the EEA Grants project "The Ocean of [my] Future" coordinated by MARE STARTUP. Students learned about the ship and ocean observation projects, such as EMSO-PT part of EMSO-ERICERIC.
Portuguese European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water Column Observatory Initiative
01.03.2022 - IPMA
“The pressures on the ocean and its resources will increase in the next decade owing to climate change and human activities. Our ability for sustainable management of the ocean will depend on the data collected and the information and knowledge derived from it.”