09.11.2021 - IPMA
On November 9, 2021 the RV Mário Ruivo received on board the visit of students and teachers from the kindergarten António Rebelo de Andrade.

On November 9, 2021, we received on board of the research vessel (RV) Mário Ruivo the visit of students and teachers of the kindergarten António Rebelo de Andrade, from Oeiras. In addition to the guided tour to the RV Mário Ruivo with the support of the ship crew, the team of the Research Vessels and Observatories Group (NNIO) of IPMA made a brief background sessions regarding the importance and capacity of the research vessels in the study of the ocean and the generation of scientific knowledge.

Students and teachers also had the opportunity to meet the ROV Luso of the Portuguese Task Group for the Extension of the Continental Shelf (EMEPC) which was on board of the RV Mário Ruivo. This certainly contributed a lot to the success of this visit to a kindergarten that is part of the Blue School project where students and teachers are especially aware to issues related to the ocean.

The visit was organized by IPMA and EMEPC with the essential support of the Base Naval Lisboa.