15.06.2021 - IPMA
The "CRUSTACEOS2021" campaign integrated in the National Biological Sampling Program (PNAB) has started onboard RV Mário Ruivo, and will take place from 15th June – 5th July.

Under the National Biological Sampling Program (PNAB), is being held from 15 June to July 5, the trawling campaign for Crustaceans, “CRUSTACEOS2021”, onboard RV Mário Ruivo.

The “CRUSTACEOS” research campaign is carried out annually, lasting 21 days in June-July, covering the continental slope off Alentejo (Functional Unit 28) and Algarve (UF 29), following a sampling plan with 78 bottom trawling stations using a shrimp net.

This campaign aims to estimate the abundance, spatial distribution and length structure of Norway lobster and white shrimp populations, which are the main target species in the waters of southwestern and southern Portugal, as well as other crustacean species such as red shrimp and accompanying fauna, including blue whiting, anglerfish, megrims, piglets and watchfish. Additionally, data collected during the campaign also contribute to biodiversity studies and estimation of marine litter (MSFD).

Onboard there are 19 crew members, 9 IPMA research members, 2 external researchers and 4 international students.