06.12.2022 - IPMA
On November 28 and December 2, 2022, the research vessel (RV) Mário Ruivo received on board the visit of students from college Valsassina, under the EEA Grants "tecAtlantic" project.

On 28th November and 2nd December, 2022, the research vessel (RV) Mário Ruivo recived on board the visit of approximately 65 students from the college Valsassina of Lisbon, member of the Blue School Program, under the EEA Grants “tecAtlantic” project, including also the 2nd edition of the project Ocean of (my) future. The students were accompanied by Valsassina teachers, CML and project representative.

The team of the Research Vessels Group and Ocean Observatories (NNIO) of IPMA made a guided tour to the vessel in which framed the importance of the RV Mário Ruivo in the study of the ocean and the generation of scientific knowledge in the context of IPMA’s mission to promote and coordinate scientific research, technological development, innovation and provision of services in the field of sea and atmosphere, ensuring the implementation of national strategies and policies in their areas of expertise.

The visit was organized by IPMA with the essential support of the Naval Base of Lisbon.