19.09.2022 - IPMA
RV Mário Ruivo receives the visit from students from Instituto Superior Técnico

In the scope of the 2nd Course on Environmental Sampling organized by Instituto Superior Técnico, 25 students from IST visited the RV Mário Ruivo on September 14, 2022, accompanied by professors João Canário (IST) and Joana Raimundo (IPMA). The purpose of the visit was for the students to get to know the RV Mário Ruivo, learn about the oceanographic campaigns conducted on board and the connection between the data acquired in the campaigns and their application in the context of monitoring and research.

On board the RV Mário Ruivo was the ROV Luso of the Portuguese Task Group for the Extension of the Continental Shelf (EMEPC), which provided the students with the extraordinary opportunity to get to know this equipment also.  

The guided visit was made by the team of IPMA’s Research Vessels and Ocean Observatories Group (NNIO), by the EMEPC team, with the essential support of the ship’s crew and with the support of the Naval Base of Lisbon.