17.10.2022 - IPMA
The "DEMERSAL 2022" campaign integrated in the National Biological Sampling Program (PNAB) has started onboard the RV Mário Ruivo, and will take place from13th October to 14th November 2022.

The 2022 edition of the Demersal research survey is being performed onboard IPMA research vessel (RV) Mário Ruivo, between October 13 and November 14.

The survey takes place annually, during 30 days in the last trimester of the year, covering the continental shelf of mainland Portugal, following a sampling plan with 96 bottom trawl hauls.

The objective of this survey is to estimate the abundance, spatial distribution and length structure of the populations of several species (such as horse mackerel and European hake). Additional data are also collected about biodiversity, oceanographic conditions (such as temperature and salinity) and marine litter (MFSD – Marine Strategy Framework Directive).

The survey is performed in the scope of “Programa Nacional de Amostragem Biológica” (PNAB), which is a responsibility of the Division of Modelling and Management of Fisheries Resources (DivRP) of IPMA. PNAB is part of the Data Collection Framework of the European Union, in the scope of the Common Fisheries Policy. The survey is coordinated internationally by the IBTSWG (International Bottom Trawl Survey Working Group) of ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea)